monomaniacal MAN-god

Most people must be tired of the constant reference to “the pandemic” and to the rituals and restraints it imposes.

Of course, the pandemic itself only imposes upon us the need to be vigilant in appropriate ways about personal hygiene, and about our responsibility toward others to consider their health. In fact, what we have always done with every winter round of the latest influenza variant. Indeed, in recent years hospitals constantly complained about lack of resources and being overwhelmed by the annual outbreak of ‘flu.

Politicians just ignored them ! Likewise they ignored the outbreak of Covid 19 for many, many weeks thereby allowing it to spread around the globe and take root. No different from any other serious outbreak of influenza.

Typical of the self centred and irresponsible way in which politicians and administrations usually treat a major problem.

But then the scare mongering started from the self interested scientific lobby associated with major corporate interests in the pharmaceutical industry. There is information on line for any one who cares to look about the associations of, for example, one Dr Anthony Fauci, the long time Director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. In Britain, executives of top pharmaceutical companies have a major influence on the equivalent advice to the British government.

Suddenly, the western world went from simply ignoring the man created threat of Covid originating in China to obsessing over it,  and thence to governments imposing unprecedented  controls over their populations. The notion of individual liberty and responsibility was destroyed overnight by governments frightened to be seen not taking the pandemic seriously.

Fear of how they looked before the public made them easy prey for the pro Big Pharma scientific lobby. And they succumbed very quickly. All other considerations in life and all other responsibilities of government were sidelined and eclipsed by the monothematic mania of controlling the Covid 19 outbreak.

Governments went from total ignorance and neglect to total control and monomaniacal obsession within just days in early Spring 2020. They went from one extreme to the other extreme. There was no middle ground, and there was no reasonable reflection or detachment adopted. Reason and objectivity, and a sense of the full range of concerns right across the board from the economic to the political to the social life of entire nations was now displaced by one single priority: stop the spread of this virus.

Immediate method: containment ie lock downs.  Purpose ? To contain it until a vaccine could be developed and so remove the problem once and for all. That was the underlying, all important strategy. That was it. One massive panic and one total solution. No discussion. No debate. Simply imposed as the Religious Truth which was beyond dispute by any reasonable and concerned human being.

Who would have imagined two years ago that we would still be subject to Covid psychosis ? That governments would have the audacity to start making vaccination compulsory/mandated/obligatory at the very time when any pandemic would be waning away any way, ie after two years ? That a vaccine to prevent a disease not only failed to prevent transmission by the vaccinated, but actually failed to stop vaccinated people dying from the very disease it was supposed to protect them against ? That within 9 months of this cure-all vaccine being rolled out, people would be required – yes required, not just advised – to be given a ‘booster’ ie a third injection within 6 to seven months of their second and supposedly final jab ?

That the unaffected young and children would be told to get vaccinated with something which posed more risk to them than the disease in question ?

That governments and media would refuse to face the failure not just of their totalitarian policy, but of the supposed cure-all vaccine itself ?

That people would themselves continue to submit to such nonsense –  reference the recent Referendum result in Switzerland supporting the continued obligation to have proof of vaccination in order to go about their lives normally – ie be able to go to a sports event, a bar or restaurant, or to a large shopping mall unhindered and unchecked ?

That despite the emerging failure of government policies, any dissent from the line by the non vaccinated or by scientists and specialists themselves would be treated as extreme, false, and therefore legitimately condemned both by governments and by the main stream media ?

That despite evidence in front of their eyes to the contrary, people would still accept all this ? How many people do you know – dozens, hundreds ? How many of those have died from Covid 19 ?

Worship of the MAN-god is shown to be irrational and irrelevant in the face of reality and what we need to do. Because this psychology of stupidity is just that. It can only be explained in such spiritual terms.

Certain self seeking human beings who consider themselves entitled to tell the rest of us how to look at life and how to live in this life, have placed themselves in the position of authority which belongs to the I AM alone – to our Creator, to our OWNER who has all rights over us.

In place of the concept and paradigm of God, and his instructions, we are compelled to live and obey as mere men decide we must worship. Mere men acting according to their views, their presumptions, their interests without any consideration of how we may see the situation. They have presumed and pre-empted. They have usurped the place of God. They actually place themselves in the position of God. What they say must be obeyed because they alone know what the truth is and they alone know how we should behave – because they alone understand the problem and know the answer. Except, they patently don’t.

They have no sense of accountability to God; they don’t have God’s love in their hearts and minds about who we are and who God is. They prove what life becomes without Christ and without his teaching.


spiritual betrayal and national delusion

The spirit of the Materialist religion now distinguishes western politics. It inspires and sets the parameters of political debate in nations whose identity was forged by the Christian religion. Now, a new identity and culture has been imposed, predicated on the superstition called Materialism.

This was evident in the speeches of British government ministers at the annual conference of the ruling Conservative and Unionist party in Manchester, England, 3-6th October 2021. Indeed the speech by Party leader and Prime Minister Boris Johnson summed it up.

Johnson spoke of the spirit of Britain. I held my breath. Could it really be that the man who came so near to death in April 2020 was about to reveal that he had realised his utter dependance on God for every breath he breathes ?


Instead, he credited his recovery from Covid to the National Health Service – not God.

He then defined the spirit of the British as that bull dog persistence to succeed whatever the obstacles. To rise to the challenge and to show the world how clever and courageous we are. That in the high tech and sophisticated world of the 21st century, the British are world leaders. Note the speedy development of a major Covid vaccine by Oxford University.

Such a message goes down well with a political party claiming to represent traditional patriotic values. But in fact it reflects the materialist mindset and agenda at work today, dressed up in patriotism – that sentiment which politicians everywhere deploy to camouflage their actual agenda.

The British Conservative party reflects the intellectual orthodoxy of its day. Man is at the centre; man’s values; man’s needs; man’s ambitions; man’s wants. Man accounts only to Man, not his Maker. Values and principles are derived from Man’s own agenda and Man’s own concerns. Man is all, and God is a myth belonging to the past.

Now Man has Man’s myth to believe: in himself and in his success. And success invariably equates to Prosperity and to Man’s Rights. A high tech and high wage economy is the objective. And one exceptional version of Man – the British – are the type to achieve that.

I am reminded of King Solomon. As a young king, he realised the enormity of the challenge before him to rule God’s people; he understood his need of God. So, he asked God for wisdom to rule the people whom God had entrusted to his care. Solomon understood that God is at the centre, and that God’s wisdom and God’s strength are vital to true success.

God gave Solomon wisdom; prosperity was the unsolicited bonus. Because that is the true order. God first, and our present, mortal, material existence second. Because true success in this life depends on submission to God our Maker, Sustainer and Moral Arbiter.

Solomon established his kingdom as a great regional power because God gave him wisdom and success.

But Solomon also provides us with a further salutary warning. Becoming accustomed to success, he deserted the God who had given him everything. We read that all the material distractions of this life turned his heart away from God. He prized the creation above the Creator, and he even turned to worship false gods.  Thus Solomon sowed the seeds of national division and his peoples descent to destruction.

There is a parallel here for the United Kingdom. Britain’s initial rise to world influence was predicated on the Protestant Christian settlement of 1689 and the subsequent reign of the devoutly Christian William and Mary.

Now, I don’t suggest for one moment that the British empire was flawless. It was not. But it had certain merits – merits highlighted in a world today where totalitarian, dictatorial China has repossessed Hong Kong.  Young Hong Kongers demonstrated in their hundreds of thousands against the Chinese takeover.  They’d prefer British colonial rule. Why ?

Because British colonial rule guaranteed a person’s  property and liberty – the foundation of Hong Kong’s economic success.  British rule was critically informed by its Christian religion – a religion which teaches that all human beings merit respect – all people are made in the image of God.

But that critical religious and cultural influence has been displaced by a man centred and fallacious notion of social justice. The psychology of Rights eclipses all sense of a commensurate Responsibility. The psychology of Rights feeds self interest, not responsibility. It is a religion of self interest, not a reminder of social responsibility.

Prime Minister Johnson may wish to resurrect the greatness of Great Britain.  But does it accord with the great constitutional and religious heritage of 1689 ? No. It is instead inspired by the values, expectations and demands of the Materialist 21st century.

Both Mr Johnson and his party have forgotten the very heritage they ostensibly exist to preserve. The Christian obligation to worship our Maker and live by his teaching has been jettisoned to worship the gods of this world. But the very First Commandment specifies explicitly:

thou shalt have no other gods before ME

In concrete terms then we find that the ruling party espousing nation and tradition in Britain no longer finds occasion to sing the national anthem at their national Conference. And you will see scant evidence of the national flag, too. After all, that flag is constructed around the Christian symbol of the Cross of Christ.

The English national anthem manifestly assumes that God is at the centre of our universe and that God is the very source of life and all existence. That anthem takes the form of a prayer, acknowledging our place as creatures in need of God and beholden to God. It references national identity and integrity as embodied in the Monarch, Elizabeth II – technically governor of the national Church dedicated to the Christian religion.

That anthem turns our attention to the true and proven source of our liberty, prosperity, and LIFE – God Almighty.

It references “I AM”

But I heard not a single reference to the Christian God of English tradition in ministerial speeches to the national Conservative conference.