This page indexes the links to the content of various pamphlets promoting Philotheism. They are available for you to print out and publish provided that

  1. the pamphlet is reproduced in its entirety, and also
  2. the copyright is cited with full attribution made to the author and to this website.

Pamphlet 1. “21st century Tract“.

The Tract explains today’s world from a Philotheistic perspective

After the Preface here, there are 7 sections, titled:

  1. Abortion – a ritual of Materialism
  2. Belief – today’s religion is Materialism
  3. Christianity – its historic and moral significance
  4. Deviation – the purity of Christianity betrayed
  5. Enlightenment – pure Reason displaces Christian doctrine
  6. Following on from the Enlightenment – A for Atheist; followed by B for Billionaires; and then C for Consumers
  7. Going forward – events after 2021 ?

If a link won’t connect, see Blog posts dated 21st June 2021

Pamphlet 2. “The problem with ……… ” series of 7000 words comprises seven headings, namely:

  1. Academia
  2. Descartes ‘Cogito’
  3. History
  4. Law
  5. Politics
  6. Technology
  7. Theology

Each heading briefly identifies a key failing in an aspect of our modern world because of the assumption of Materialism and the rejection of Philotheism.

Pamphlet 3 “God – godless – godly” is a 4500 word pamphlet series published Easter 2022. It identifies the key issues of Who God is, What we are, and How to relate to God. This last is vital if we are to begin to see the problems of this world for what they actually are and so what we actually need to do.

  1. Introduction
  2. God – Who God is
  3. Godless – what we are
  4. Godly – how to relate to God