the MANgod delusion and the advent of dystopia

The 21st century is manifestly the century of the MAN-is-god delusion. Having successfully disposed of God as our Creator,  Sustainer and Judge during the 20th century, the western intelligentsia is now  redefining Human existence according to humanity’s own ambitions and imaginations.

The simple reality of what we actually are is  sidelined to pursue the wilder dreams of mere mortal men. We are losing sight of who we are and how we function. That we are creatures of our Creator who knows us best.

The psychological shift throughout society began as populations migrated from nature dependent rural living to industrialised urban life. With the new technological age, ‘miracles’ are now possible in the dimension of  communications, just as they were via rail and air transportation in the industrial era.

This is creating a mentality which subconsciously believes that there is nothing humans cannot now do. Witness the legal redefinition of identity from biologically male and female to whatever an individual now decides to be. Formal persecution – even prosecution – follows those who disagree and say so.

The MAN-god is strict and ruthless when imposing his Truth. Philosophically that was trailed in the work of men like Rousseau and Nietzsche. Today we live with the terrible consequences of such blasphemous man obsessed thinking of the Enlightenment made flesh – ie given substance – today.#

The recent name change of the FaceBook group of companies by founder Mark Zuckerberg should therefore come as no surprise.  But it does represent yet another step along the road to remodelling who we are and how we can, and should, function.

The name change to “Meta” is intended to reflect the new virtual world which people like the robotic Zuckerberg are working to achieve. He uses the term “Metaverse” to describe what he wants to bring to fruition in the next ten years or so.

His announcement reflects what is wrong in this increasingly man invented world. It reflects man’s arrogance; man’s delusion; and man’s fundamental failure to recognise what he really does need.

Clearly, the natural world we inhabit is no longer good enough to provide our needs and our wants. This constitutes Blasphemy against God’s care and God’s provision.

The manner in which the name change was accomplished demonstrates the arrogance of deified man: reality is displaced by man’s new version of truth and morality; Business Names appropriated without reference to existing ownership or title. It’s whatever I want it to be !

The inventor of the term “Metaverse “stated on 29th October 2021 on Twitter that no-one had approached him about its use. Neil Stephenson first used the term in his “dystopian” novel ‘Snow Crash’ 30 years ago.

Dystopia is undoubtedly what Zuckerberg’s virtual version of reality will realise.

This is not Mr Zuckerberg’s first offence reagarding name appropriation. Yanis Varoufakis tweeted on 28th October 2021 – @yanisvaroufakis

Zuckerberg just ‘borrowed’ our mέta ( to re-brand Facebook. Earlier he had ‘borrowed’ our movement’s name, DiEM ( to rebrand his cryptocurrency Libra. What next?

Indeed what next ? Clearly respect for other people and for what already exists is meaningless to human deities like Zuckerberg – ‘deities’ who seek to dictate both the meaning and ‘substance’ of tomorrow’s MAN generated world.

The record of 21st century internet inventions, however, demonstrates that the ramifications need to be considered, and tamed.

Facebook [founded in 2004] and Twitter [2006] have had a dramatic impact.  Yes, of course, email and the world wide web already existed before the close of the 20th century. But Facebook and Twitter made it possible for anyone to publish their thoughts, and it also popularised the use of the internet as a self publishing phenomenon.

Previously, ordinary people’s campaigns and personal opinions could only get published via the local newspaper. That was edited. So, people’s every idle comment and foolish exasperation was in practice limited to whomever they happened to be talking to. Publicity for personal stupidity did not exist.

But now people tell the whole world every foolish thought or feeling. The internet has enabled individuals to inflate the sense of their own importance simply by making it possible to publish. And that has created problems because such thoughts are deemed to be in the public space [or square] in a way in which they had not been before. And that has led to reprobation and the demands for censorhip of people’s private thoughts and feelings …

It has opened the door to totalitarian control by people who deem themselves the arbiters and censors of public morals.

Welcome to the world of the Twitter mob whose aim is to eliminate heretical views – ie views which depart from or challenge the Creed of the MANgod.

Because of who they are, decent minded people don’t engage in attacking and censuring others. But the ideologically motivated extremist is by nature intolerant and zealous. He goes out of his way to destroy what he doesn’t like. Hence the plethora of “watch” sites devoted to condemn anyone who dares to oppose their pure and totally true version of how the MAN-is-god world must now be.

Welcome to the virtual world where the cyber fascist roams to police your politics and your every heretical expression. Welcome to the world of the MAN-god who accounts only to his own conscience and his own truth –  where the idea of public civility and mutual respect belongs to the outdated era when Christianity informed the public life of the western nations.


# “made flesh” alludes to verse 14 of the first chapter of John’s Gospel in the New Testament of the Bible